Is a good employee leaving your company? – Conduct exit interview to learn why

Though the resignation of a hard working employee is never a good thing for a company, it can present an opportunity for a company to make important changes that benefit operations in the long run. The voluntary withdrawal of an employee is like a double edged sword. On one hand, one can be disappointed about the departure, while on the other hand, the company can learn about its weaknesses from the feedback provided by the employee. Exit Interviews are the best source of extracting information about what made the employee depart from the company. The organization after recognizing its flaws can work on improving upon them. Being the most accurate instrument in assessing the issues that drive an individual to leave an organization, such interviews help organizations grow in terms of content employees.

A standard exit interview covers the following key points:-

· Inquiring whether the employee’s expectations were met by the company – Departing employees are asked questions regarding salary, benefits and the work environment so that things can be improved around the company. Reviewing these areas can bring a significant change in the working of the company and lead to greater contentment among other employees.

· Determining the factors that make the workplace unsatisfactory – Evaluation of an employee’s experience in your company can help you pinpoint the area that is the weak point in your organization. With constructive feedback and insight from departing employees, you can make sure that no other employee resigns for the same reason.

· Acts as a non-judgmental way of knowing why the employee is leaving – Skilled hr consultants have expertise in making the employee feel comfortable in the exit interview. Through an unbiased conversation, they help the employee speak up about their real reason of resigning from the company. Employers can learn how their policies and day to day operations influenced the decision of the employee to leave and in cases where it warrants, make appropriate changes.

· Cultivate goodwill towards the organization – Having former employees speak positively about the company is smart business. During the exit interview, HR consultants can show appreciation towards the employee for what they had contributed to the company and make sure that they leave on a positive note.

Make sure that you too benefit from an employee’s departure rather than just lament over it. Contact myHRpro now at to know more about our exit interview human resource services.

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