How to prevent employee attrition?

Several surveys and studies have revealed that the majority of employee attrition cases are associated with the lack of a satisfactory work environment rather than lower salaries. A lot of time and money goes into hiring and developing your people. Isn’t it wise to protect that investment? To accomplish this create an employee handbook and policy manual that requires supervisors to spend time passing on positive feedback to employees as well as providing performance feedback and expectations. Employees are more likely to perform well if they understand what is expected of them through regular feedback. Employees also tend to be more satisfied when they have ongoing communication with their direct supervisor, which helps with employee retention.

Other suggestions to improve employee retention can include incorporating employee’s suggestions into day to day operations so that employees feel that they have input into their work environment. Providing learning & development opportunities and having proper employee engagement programs also can enhance employee satisfaction. Formalize employee retention policies in an employee handbook to ensure these strategies get implemented. This will help to increase employee retention and satisfaction which will increase loyalty and commitment towards the organization and improve performance. Time and effort invested in this area can pay huge dividends. For more information on employee recognition and engagement, visit

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