Finding HR Services in the Right Place

Have you seen the commercial about buying the new Volkswagen Tiguan SUV in a barn stall alongside horses and cows? This commercial catches my attention every time because I have never bought a new vehicle in a barn! It’s like shopping for something I want but in the wrong place!

Same idea applies when you are shopping for a qualified Human Resources Consulting company in Alberta!

One of our favorite clients told us that he found his first ‘hr guy’ by talking to a retired neighbor who used to be in personnel. Another client thought the young woman working in a grocery store and taking human resources courses at night could help out with some serious employee concerns in her company. After a lot more problems and unnecessary expenses, both of these clients had to admit defeat about shopping for a qualified human resources consultant in the wrong place!

If you are looking for an experienced human resources consultant, myHRpro is a well established human resources company in Edmonton, Alberta. myHRpro, a human resources consulting company, hires only qualified senior human resources consultants and serves companies and organizations of all sizes across central Alberta.

In myHRpro’s advertising, there are no references to barn yard animals! You can be assured that your company’s unique needs for human resources consulting will be addressed effectively with tailored solutions to suit you.

Contact us at myHRpro today!

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