Does a Happy Employee = An Engaged Employee?

Many companies equate employee happiness with employee engagement. But it is important to understand that employee happiness is not the only measure of employee engagement. A fully engaged employee who’s completely loyal and committed towards his work may not necessarily be happy and satisfied with the organization. For example an employee may find their work engaging and feel a sense of fulfillment from their job but they may be very unhappy with some of the organizational policies of the company. Overtime this discontentment can grow and eventually lead to the employee leaving the organization.
Also an employee may have a high level of satisfaction with aspects of their job but may not be fully engaged at work. An employee may happy with the level of pay and benefits they receive from their job but they may not find their work stimulating or challenging for their knowledge, skills and abilities. Taking time to assess the design of the job and ensure it provides for fulfilling and engaging activities is an important part of maintaining employee retention and engagement. Also providing opportunities for employees to learn and try new things can be a very important engagement factor. For more information on employee engagement visit

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